It was a very exciting finish in the first night of Jeopardy!’s Greatest of All Time Tournament.

First, you should know that each match consists of two games. The winner is the man with the highest two-game combined total.

Going into the second final Jeopardy! question, Ken had a commanding lead with a combined score of 57,200 to James’s 48,000.

In the Final Jeopardy! question, Ken wagered 6,200, what seemed like a low bet…we’ll get to why it was exactly what he needed in a minute. Ken was correct on the clue, and ended up with a two-game total of $63,400.

James also got the final Final Jeopardy! clue correct, and predictably, wagered all 15,000 of his second-game earnings. That gave him a two-game total of $63,200!

Ken knew James would bet everything he had, so Ken wagered just enough to cover that bet, and it won him the game by $200.

Here’s what each competitor said after the match.

Here’s how it works:

Match #2 of the GOAT tourney is tonight at 7:00 on Channel 7. The first competitor to win three matches will be crowned the Greatest of All Time.