National Radio Day. Thank You For Listening.

So it’s National Radio Day. For all of us in this business it simply means a day of recognition for the medium we work in. For you as listeners a day to thank you for your loyalty and interest in what we do on a daily basis. I have to say I still feel very lucky to be doing what I do. This is my 52nd year in radio and my 49th in Chicago. I think about that and all the amazing people I have met, the great friends I have made, the remarkable shows and broadcasts I’ve had the privilege to be a part of, the places I’ve gone and the experiences I’ve been blessed with. I am a fortunate man to still be doing what I love and I thank each every one of you for that opportunity and for God’s sake don’t stop now!!! Radio still has that magic and can still be so entertaining. It has changed a lot but it still commands a great deal of attention. Yeah there’s satellite and internet and pod casts et al, but radio is still the king. I thought I’d post a few pictures from over the years and mark time with them. I wrote a book 3 years ago about my life in radio and rock n roll. Check it out if you’re interested;

Doin’ The Cruise: Memories From A Lifetime In Radio and Rock & Roll.

Cleveland 1070 WNCR

WGLD 1972

WDAI 73′-

The Loop 1979

WCKG 1990





The River 2017