National Scavenger Hunt Day is Coming

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris. I love finding treasures at resale shops and garage sales, and tomorrow is National Scavenger Hunt Day!

A website called looked through the data and found the best states for urban treasure hunters. Overall, Illinois ranked at number 15.

Some of the key metrics included number of used merchandise stores like antique shops and thrift stores. Illinois is number 8 in this category.

Next they looked at number of storage unit auctions. Illinois ranks 9th here.

We come in at number 5 when it comes to number of pawn shops.

We are 26th place for the number of mining, metal detector, and hardware supply stores.

And we are third as far as number of metal detecting clubs.

Lawnstarter also looked at whether each state allows metal detecting in State parks.

Do you love to do Urban treasure hunting? do you keep what you find, or sell it? Will you be doing any treasure hunting tomorrow? Let us know in the comments.