For dog owners, this holiday is every day!  It’s #NationalSpoilYourDogDay!

Now I am more of a cat person than a dog person, but I grew up with dogs in my house for most of my life.  My family has owned a beagle, whippets, boxer-bulldog mix, labs, huskies, you name it.  Many of them were adopted from a shelter.  ADOPT! DON’T SHOP!

Many studies have shown that owning a pet can not only enrich our lives, but make us healthier, and more responsible.  So make sure if there is a dog in your household make sure to give them a little extra loving.  They make great companions, can help us when we are in danger, and can be great protectors of our little ones.

So perhaps play with them a little longer today.  Give them a special treat.  Maybe take them to a doggie spa…I think they have those.   🙂   And please consider going to your local shelter and if you are prepared to own one, ADOPT!  You lives will be better for it.  And do a little research to determine what breed could be best for your home.

So do you have any pictures of your canine friend?  Share them with us!

~ Tim Thomas