National Tequila Day!!

What better way to start off our weekend than with a holiday like National Tequila Day! Well that’s what today is and I say we give it a shot….so to speak. Tequila is an usual beverage that I’ve heard called many things, over the years, including a liquid psychedelic, te-kill-ya, the Spanish word meaning “I don’t remember doing that”….felony juice and cowboy fuel just to name a few. We were in Mexico a few years ago and my friend Pat came running up to us as we checking in to the hotel and said “I’m so glad you guys are here…you won’t believe the tequila we found. Drank it all night with no hangover. It’s called Don Julio (pictured above). Don Julio is very good, but I must tell you it is also very expensive. You are definitely paying for the quality you are getting!! Another round?


National Tequila Day Click Here.