Bow Wow Wow Yippy Yo Yippy Yay…Today is all about our four legged friends …It’s National Dog Day (seems like we have a lot of Dog days … but I’m okay with that … I love seeing all the pics on line of those gorgeous furry faces. )  However we need a soundtrack to go along with all those fab pics … and there have been some pretty amazing songs about dogs.  (Heck there is even bands named after dogs … Three Dog Night … Bow Wow Wow etc.)   I grew up listening to songs about dogs … from How much is that doggy in the window?  to Donny Osmond’s Puppy Love and the ultimate tear jerker … Peter Shelley’s Love Me Love My Dog … which I still know all the lyrics to!

There are plenty of songs that mention dogs in the title but aren’t really about dogs … a little more recently … Florence and the Machine released an outstanding track about the Dog Days and flashing back to the eighties … a certain Mr. Ant kicked off his 1980 album Kings of the Wild Frontier with this track … not a literal reference to dogs fortunately but those fab drum beats joined by some cool guitars are definitely one of my favorite starts to a song.

Here is a very early video of Adam Ant (looking a little awkward and uncomfortable while lip syncing on stage) … still it has to be said he is wearing a smashing jacket!