Billy Joel appears to be feuding with his neighbors over helicopter rides, of all things.  It seems that Joel and other residents of Oyster Bay, New York sometimes travel to and from home via helicopter – and some neighbors are tired of the noise.

Now I have had issues with neighbors in the past but never about helicopters.   Truth be told I’m pretty laid back when it comes to neighbors.  I like most people.  I mean I don’t love it when a neighbor doesn’t mow their lawn or has a trashy yard, but I usually give them the benefit of the doubt and just assume they must be dealing with some other stuff.   I don’t mind kiddos … I have a family of four kiddos living next to me right now and they are adorable.  (Just yesterday I had a serious chat with the 5 year old about how gross seaweed is and how when it touches you it feels like an octopus.)

One of my best friends was a neighbor of mine who I met 11 years ago.   That was probably my best neighbor experience.  We were together all the time (a little bit too much partying but some amazing friendships!)

The only neighbor I have had issues with was a rude one.  I mean why be rude … it’s so unnecessary.  This neighbor truly fancied herself.  (She owned a clothing store in Geneva and thought she was all that.)  Honestly I couldn’t stand her and tried to avoid any encounters.  She was only my neighbor for a couple years and actually on the day they were moving out, which I know from personal experience is a ridiculously stressful day, I made her some cookies and took over some fresh coffee.  I mean at the end of the day … we’re all just doing our best I suppose and you can’t get on with everyone.

So what has been your best or worst neighbor experience … I’m guessing it didn’t have anything to do with helicopters.