Netflix Is Being Criticized for Starting a “Serial Killer Extended Universe”

Thanks to the success of Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer series “Monster”, they’re doing two more seasons, focusing on other real-life “monstrous figures.”

They’ve also ordered another season of “The Watcher”, a true story of a couple receiving terrifying letters from a stalker.

These dramatizations of real-life horrors are becoming pretty controversial, and they’ve got people accusing Netflix of commercializing MURDER. Some have even compared it to a cinematic universe like Marvel or DC.

One person called it, quote, “A serial killer extended universe.”

Another said Netflix is, quote, “Franchising a bunch of psychotic, misogynistic serial killers like they’re the [effing] Avengers.”

It’s not just Netflix either. Much like Netflix and its new serial killer extended universe, Peacock is getting trashed online for giving Casey Anthony a platform. To be fair, she was found not-guilty, but the energy around the documentary is the same.

Reactions have been pretty consistent. You can check out more of them here in this article on Buzzfeed.