Is Wordle getting old?  Well, Netflix is launching your new obsession on April 1st.  It’s a daily interactive trivia series called “Trivia Quest”.

Each episode features 24 questions, 12 standard and 12 “hard”.  The categories are science, history, entertainment, sports, art, and geography. If it sounds a lot like a board game you used to play…you’re right. The graphics and imaging have a very “Trivial Pursuit” feel to it.

It’s not quite as unforgiving as Wordle, because you can replay quizzes in order to get the right answers and accumulate points. Not sure if they needed to make the storyline so childish, but hey, I’m a fan of trivia, so I’m game.

Just please please please make it so all my friends can share their results on social media.  That just makes my day!