New Grammy Categories Are Coming

Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  I know the Grammys aren’t coming up for quite a while, but I just heard that starting next year, they’re introducing five new categories.  Here they are:

  • Songwriter of the year.  This is for the non-classical, non-performing, non-producing, most prolific songwriter for a body of new work.  (That’s a lot of non’s.)  This is also separate from song of the year.
  • Best Spoken Word Poetry Album.  (I’m not sure whether or not that would have included Alice Cooper’s spoken word album.)
  • Alternative Music Performance
  • Americana Music Performance
  • Score soundtrack for video games and other interactive media.  (If this had existed decades ago, that Mario music would have won for sure!)

They’ll also have a special “song for social change” award.

Now the show can be even longer!