New Health Trend: Taping Your Mouth Shut While You Sleep

Have you heard about the sleep trend called “mouth taping” that’s all over social media right now?  You basically just tape your mouth shut before you go to bed, and it forces you to breathe through your nose all night.

It’s supposed to be healthier, but is it really?

It’s not a brand new idea, but it’s trending right now.  And some people swear by it.  There are risks though, so most doctors DON’T suggest it.

Nose breathing does have some health benefits.  Mainly, it also produces more nitric oxide, which widens your blood vessels and helps circulate oxygen through your body.

Most experts say forcing yourself to breathe through your nose isn’t good though.  It could be dangerous if you get congested in your sleep.  And having your mouth taped shut might be an issue if you have to PUKE in the middle of the night.

It might also make sleep apnea worse, and up your risk for things like heart disease and stroke.  One doctor also pointed out it’s not great for your lips either.  The skin is delicate, so you shouldn’t be ripping tape off them every day.  (Fox News / Newsweek)