New Illinois Music Themed Exhibit Opening Soon at the Lincoln Museum in Springfield

Well this looks pretty cool!

There’s a new exhibit opening next weekend (April 30) at the Abe Lincoln Presidential Library at Museum in Springfield called The State of Sound: A World of Music from Illinois. From Muddy Waters to REO Speedwagon, Cheap Trick to Earth Wind and Fire and Chance the Rapper, the land of Lincoln has produced some of the most highly celebrated music in rock history. Musicians, legendary radio stations, and musical gear have shaped the sonic history of Illinois and the world.

It will be 3,000 square feet of some of the finest music that has originated in the Land of Lincoln. It is written by award-winning author, documentary-producer and former Chicago Sun-Times Columnist and Critic, Dave Hoekstra.

One of the super cool aspects of the new exhibit is the retro radio station they built as part of the show. It is fully operational, and I’m excited to be broadcasting down there on Monday, May 3rd! I’ll be doing the entire morning show from the exhibit, as well as broadcasting the entire thing on social media so we can get really in-depth with some of the people behind the scenes and learn about the cool artifacts and stories from the history of music in Illinois.

Join me then to get a behind the scenes look, then buy your tickets to check out the exhibit yourself. PS…the Amtrak train station is walking distance to the museum.