New Online Dashboard To Track COVID-19 in DuPage County

The DuPage County Health Dept. just set up this slick looking dashboard to keep citizens up to date on all the latest COVID-19 statistics in the county.

You not only get total confirmed cases and deaths over time, but breakdowns based on community, age, and gender.

Numbers are a funny thing though, they don’t always tell the full story, so the DCHD issues this warning with their statistics:

The dashboard currently shows a higher concentration of cases in the southeastern portion of the county.  There could be many reasons for this.  The DuPage County Health Department cautions that:

  • Because testing is not widely available, the data is not necessarily reflective of the actual distribution of cases
  • People who live in those communities are not necessarily at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19 than the general population.

There are a number of reasons that one community may have a higher number of positive cases:

  • People who live in those communities may have greater access to medical care and testing than people who live in other areas of DuPage County.

  • People who live in those communities may have traveled more to areas where spread of COVID-19 was occurring before the Illinois ‘stay at home’ order was issued by the Governor.