New Trend: Doing Your Make-Up So It Looks Like You Just Cried

Really, this is the look that I thought women tried to avoid.  Every time a woman has started to tear up around me they always say, “Oh no, my mascara is going to run.”  Now it’s a trend.  Read on!

The newest beauty trend is to do your make-up so it looks like you just got done CRYING.  (???)

A make-up artist on TikTok named Zoe Kenealy is going viral after she posted a tutorial on how to do it.  (Here’s the video.)

It starts with her claiming that a lot of women think they look GOOD right after they cry.  (???)  And some people in the comments seem to agree with that, like it’s sort of a damsel-in-distress look.

She says to put red blush around your eyes, and on your nose.  And she puts some liquid glitter under her eyes to mimic the look of wiped-away tears catching the light.  That’s probably the most important part.

You also have to curl your lashes and make them look like they’re clumped together a little.  She says it “completes the look.”

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