Nice Pension! Waja Do To Get It?

OK, so I’ve done a bunch of guest lecture appearances at high schools and colleges throughout the Chicagoland area, over the years. I even taught a class at Columbia college for a semester. I saw this today and now I’m wondering if I can get in on the pension deal this guy got!

The Illinois Supreme Court once again has illuminated for Illinois taxpayers the need to amend the rigid pension clause of the state constitution. The justices on Thursday
upheld as constitutional a teacher pension for a retired lobbyist who substitute taught for one day. Sub for a day. Pension for life. It’s outrageous. The Supreme Court continues to interpret the pension clause to the extreme. The ruling upheld a controversial state law that allowed a lobbyist for the Illinois Federation of Teachers, David Piccioli, to become certified as a substitute teacher in December 2006 by working one day at a Springfield elementary school — and to buy pension credit for his 10 previous years working as a lobbyist. That sweet deal qualified him for a pension windfall from a teachers retirement fund that as of late 2018 carried an unfunded
liability of more than $75 billion-with-a-B. Because he also draws a pension from a previous job as a House Democratic aide, Piccioli’s total pension income now rises
to nearly $100,000. His pensionable income from the Teachers’ Retirement System is based off his salary from the IFT— another questionable pension loophole, which
the Supreme Court upheld last year.

This sounds like a “teaching moment” to me! Just sayin….!!!



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