Nick and Friends Went Tubing in Plainfield; Here’s How it Went

I kept reading that today was a hot day – heat indices in the triple digits, they said. But honestly, I could barely feel it as I was floating down the mighty DuPage River in a tube with my wife and two friends.

The fact that I’ve lived in Plainfield for 5 years and have never gone floating actually causes me a little anxiety, that’s how much fun we had!

It as so relaxing, and having our rear ends in the water for four hours kept us comfortably cool all day.

The folks at Plainfield River Tubing made it easy! For $20 we rented a tube and took a shuttle from our arrival point at Electric Park near downtown Plainfield up to 135th street where we got into the water. Then it was a pleasnt float all the way back to our cars where PRT took their tubes back and sent us on our merry way.

Honestly though, being in a van with two other groups was a bit stressful. Yes, they sanitized. Yes, everyone had masks. I’m not sure what else PRT could do to make it safer, but it was just a bit unnerving being a van with two other groups.

Besides that, it was very easy! You hop in…you float! That’s it! In hindsight, a paddle would have been useful to navigate around a bit easier, but we did just fine with our hands and feet. There was even a fun spot to hop out, take a swim and even jump off a small cliff if you are so inclined!

All things considered, I would do this again tomorrow!

As a matter of fact, I think we’ll have to invest in our own tubes and make this a very regular occurrence.

If you have been wanting to give tubing a try, I give it 4 stars!

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