Nick Broadcasts Live from the Plainfield Igloo Monday!

The moment I saw this magnificent structure, I knew I had to broadcast my show from it! Weather permitting, of course.

This Monday I’ll be kicking off my 2022 Polar Plunge campaign as I broadcast from a giant igloo in Plainfield!

Tune in Monday — yes, Valentine’s Day — as the midday show originates from this 15-foot snow dome built by a dude named Lee from Plainfield. It will be the official kickoff of my Polar Plunge campaign! I’ve never been a polar plunger before, but that changes in March when I jump into a freezing lake at Silver Springs State Park in Yorkville to support the men and women of the Kendall County Sheriff’s Department.

On Monday, we’ll talk to Lee about all the whys and hows and reminisce about playing in the snow when we were younger. We’ll also try to raise some money for Special Olympics of Illinois!


I Googled it, and I’m pretty sure we are going to make radio history as the first live radio show in Illinois to be done from an igloo! I mean…it has to be, right?! Well, I’m going with it until proven otherwise!

The chilly fun starts at 10:00 Monday morning…assuming it’s still standing.