Nick Jakusz Autographed Senior Photos Can Be Yours!!

Here’s a throwback Thursday for you!

As I was re-organizing my crawl space, which is the fun I have on weekends, I came across a stack of my high school senior pictures.

Being the uber famous personality that I am, my first thought was that people all over the western suburbs – nay, the world! – would love to get their hands on these! And being the humble talent that I am, I’m even willing to autograph them for my adoring fans.

But let’s be honest. An item this valuable has a price, so I decided to offer up a an autographed wallet-sized photo from the pride of Providence Catholic High School’s class of ’02 for anyone who donates any amount to one of the best charities going — Variety of Illinois.

Much to my ASTONISHMENT, people actually donated! It’s up to $300, which is $295 more than I thought (I knew my mom would buy one, thanks Mom)!

So honestly, it would be selfish of me not to extend this offer to River listeners all over the world.

Perhaps you want to just hold it in your purse or wallet as a memento. Maybe you’d like to frame it and hang it lovingly in your study or den. Perhaps you can blow it up and hang it among your own family photos as a conversation piece. Or just burn as some sort of sacrifice to the gods. Collect the whole six pose set: class ring-adorned hand under chin? casual lean against fake tree? super-serious forward lean? Or my personal favorite, flaming basketball tough guy. Collect the whole set!

If you’d like your very own autographed senior photo of your’s truly, just head over to The River’s Facebook page, donate literally anything, and I’ll be in touch.