Nick Jakusz is Right…Again!

Remember last year when I told you how manly Nick is?  Turns out he is smart, too!  Did you catch the blog that he wrote last week about The Facebook and how only old people use it now?  I recently had to spend an afternoon with some Generation Z kids and they confirmed that Facebook has become obsolete to them.  They started to tell me what they use and I already forgot.  I am not going to use it anyway.  I didn’t use MySpace and don’t really check other social media unless I am here at work.  I prefer a more personal approach, like texting.  I am addicted to sending random texts to people to spark quick conversations.  It is the perfect way to catch up.  Plus, it makes it more intimate.  Not everyone needs to know that I spent last week giggling in the dermatology office because they expected me to get naked.  I only need to share that with my closest friends…and River Listeners.

So here goes- Last week I went to the Dermatologist for a sun spot on my hand and didn’t realize they would take the opportunity to do a total skin assessment.  Apparently that is something I need now that I am over 40.  When the tech gave me the gown and said “take everything off and it should open to the back” I wondered if she meant to just take my gloves off.  Nope.  FULL BODY CHECK.  You can’t post that kind of stuff on Facebook and have it not haunt you later.  I need to keep it just between us!