Nick’s 3-Year-Old Is Ready To Be Recruited By a Prestigious University!

Totally legit photo of Nick's 3-year-old at his latest track and field meet.

Just throwing this out there…if any of the USC’s and UCLA’s of the world are looking for their next track and field star, my son’s a stand-out hurdler!

I’m also willing to make a “very large donation!”

I hear that he may need a completely not-fake and totally legit athletic profile complete with photos from his competitions.

These action shots were taken at a track meet where he won first place.

Here are his other credentials:

-One of the top five three-year-old hurdlers in the world.

-Honor roll student at his pre-school.

-Many humanitarian trips with Toddlers Without Borders.

-Running for President in 2044.



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