Nick’s Family Birthday Celebration By the Lake

I took a couple of days off this week so our family could enjoy some time in the city for our kids’ birthdays. We only spent 24 hours downtown, but I was sufficiently exhausted when we got home.

We stayed one night at a hotel in River North, did dinner at JoJo’s Shake Bar’s Candyland themed tent, got some swimming time in before bed. Then we woke up, hit up the flagship McDonald’s restaurant for breakfast and spent a few hours at the Shedd Aquarium until everyone was ready to drop (mostly me!).

Actually, being late in the pandemic has been really great for visiting places like Shedd and Brookfield Zoo. They are only allowing low capcity percentages, so you actually get to enjoy some of the exhibits without having to hip check a 10 year old out of the way. If you’ve ever wanted to go to a public attraction without having to deal with enormous crowds, now is the time!!

I have to admit, I was a complete stressball when we were walking around downtown with a five and three year old. You should know that I’m a natural worrywart. I’m always thinking about what the worst thing that could happen in any given situation. For example: as we were walking along the River Walk, my biggest concern wasn’t that they would fall in (although that was on my list). Oh no…it was that a random person would come and kidnap one of my two children! Crazy…I know! I may need help.


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The recent rash of carjackings wasn’t great for my mental state either.

All in all though, my internal struggles aside, we had a great time! I never felt unsafe, the kids loved the aquarium and all the big buildings and special meal inside CandyLand.

I think the next trip will be a lot easier mentally for dad!