Nick’s Post-Big Game Tradition: Listening to the Police Scanner!

After a big game in any sport, you can watch the winning team do confetti angels while the coach and MVP spit out platitudes about teamwork and dedication. Me, however…I like to be entertained in another way: the police scanner!

Usually it’s the winning team’s city that has the best stuff going on. For example, when the Cubs won the world series in 2106, I was LOCKED IN on the Chicago PD scanner channels listening to the mayhem surrounding Wrigleyville. It was hilarious, and I was up listening for hours into the night.

I did the same thing when Philly won the Super Bowl in 2018!

I had plans on locking in to the KCPD scanner last night, but honestly, it wasn’t great. Meanwhile, over in Philly, things were getting crazy, even after a loss (or perhaps, especially after a loss)! Here’s what happened in Philadelphia last night!