Since I’ve covered all the other important topics of the day, lets get into cookies!

It is National Cookie Day after all!

I was actually surprised how easy this list was, and if you think I’m forgetting something, let me know!

Without further ado…here are my top five cookies of all time:

  1. A warm, homemade, SOFT chocolate chip cookie. Ain’t nobody got time for those crunchy ones.
  2. Those small peanut butter cookies with the peanut butter cup in the middle! I’m not sure what they are called…but if there is a plate in front of me, I’ll fight you for them.
  3. Thin mints. Classic.
  4. Kolaczki – a classic Polish treat that is a staple at all Jakusz functions.
  5. Milanos. These semi-soft sandwich cookies from Pepperidge Farm are awesome! Extra points for the peppermint variant.


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