It’s no secret the Paramount’s production of Beauty and the Beast is fantastic. The reviews have come from every corner of the Chicagoland entertainment scene, and they have all been spectacular.

WGN’s Dean Richards calls it a “must-see”

I can go on and on and regurgitate all the praise rightfully being bestowed upon this production with HUGE mobile sets, lavish costumes and performances from every single cast member that will blow you away. You and I have heard all of that from the time this show opened.

So, like you, I went into last weekend’s Saturday night performance with sky-high expectations.

Also like you, I was still blown away!

I’ve seen some of the biggest shows that have some through Chicago. Hamilton, Wicked, Jersey Boys, and most Paramount shows.

This production of B&B is top tier among ALL OF THEM!

Here’s my problem though. I actually am getting worried for the Paramount at this point.

I mean, this was so good and so perfect that I don’t know where they go from here! They have set the bar SOOOO HIGH for themselves! This show was as good, if not BETTER, than any show that you can see in downtown Chicago, how does it get better moving forward?!

I don’t know the answer to that, but under the direction of the creative team at the Paramount, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Good luck, Paramount!


(The quality of performances from Beth Stafford Laird and Paul-Jordan Jansen as Belle and the Beast go without saying…so I’m not going to say it!)

1 – Be Our Guest dance number

2 – Gaston dance number…the one where they clink the cups!

3 – Lumiere joking about his malfunctioning candle light.

4 – Mrs. Potts’s upper class British accent (it can’t be anything else if it’s a true Beauty and the Beast show).

5 – Gaston’s performance. His operatic voice, muscular build and comedy chops are PERFECT!

5 – Lumiere’s accent

6 – The entire set – it’s as big a star as any cast member.

7 – Lefou. Dude’s hilarious. Love when he “conducted” the ensemble.

8 – Got to give some love for the orchestra. They give the show it’s backbone, and are musical perfection every night.

9 – Chip! They have a kid on a motorized wheelchair encased in a cupboard buzzing around the stage. It was Izzie Rose for our show, and she was impressive! Hit every note and DIDN’T hit anything else!

10 – The mechanical rose. They actually have a rose that they can drop petals from on cue. Love to know how they did that!