NIU’s 90 Year Old College Graduate!

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris, and a woman who is 90 is going to be graduating from Northern Illinois University this Sunday, December 11th. Joyce DeFauw, from Geneseo, IL, started at NIU in 1951, and this Sunday she will finally be receiving her Bachelor’s degree in general studies from the university.

She dropped out of school to get married, and then went on to have nine kids, as well as several grandkids and great-grandkids.

In 2019, she started working on getting her degree online. I think that in itself is pretty remarkable. A lot of people in their 80s don’t even know how to use a computer.

Joyce has some words of wisdom: “Just keep learning. You never know what you can do. I never dreamed I could do this.”

What’s something that you put off for a long time and then went back and finished years later? Let us know in the comments