No Bozo’s On This Bus. Cubs and WGN Set To Part Ways.

I’ve always been a traditional kinda guy, at least for the most part. Turkey and family on Thanksgiving, snow on Christmas, flowers for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s day (that’s not all, but….), hot dog and a beer at a ballgame, celebrate the number and the person on birthdays (and keep having them). I could go on but I think you get the idea so not watching The Cubs (sorry Sox fans) on WGN will be a bit of a change going forward. As long as I can remember the Cubs were there! Brickhouse and Boudreau, Vince Lloyd, Harry and Steve Stone, right up to today w/ Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies. This looks to be their last year on Ch. 9 before the new Cubs Network comes to pass. What’s expected to be the last Cubs game on WGN-TV is scheduled for Sept. 27, a Friday night game in St. Louis starting the final series of the 2019 season. Another tradition comes to an end, and a new era will begin. But unlike HBO and “Game of Thrones,” WGN and the Cubs aren’t hyping their final season together after 72 years. In fact the news release announcing the Cubs’ 2019 TV schedule didn’t even mention it would be last one on what some Chicagoan’s still refer to as “Channel 9,” even if they’re really watching Channel 192 on their local cable outlet. It makes sense to downplay the news. Details of the Cubs network have yet to be announced,  so it probably isn’t kosher for WGN to start reminiscing about the end of their decades long relationship just yet. Fortunately WGN has 45 games on the schedule, including the season opener March 28 in Texas, so there’s plenty of time to show the old clips we know so well. Photos through the years at Cubs and White Sox spring training. Face it: We’ve been hearing about the proposed Cubs Channel for so long it has lessened the impact of the swan song. But it’s still sad to see the Cubs leaving WGN, a partner through thick and (mostly) thin. It’s just another sign that nothing lasts forever. Recall that the Cubs and WGN Radio split after the 2014 season, ending a relationship that dated to 1925. If you’re a baby boomer Cubs fan, their games may be the only thing left on local TV that was on when you started watching. Fifty years ago, Bozo, Ray Rayner and Jack Brickhouse were the voices you listened to more than your teacher. Here’s the link to read Paul Sullivan’s full column:



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