No Chriskindlemarket In Naperville This Year.

So, I realize it’s not even Tax Day yet (it is Monday by the way) and we have Easter Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, The 4th, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving before we get back to that whole Christmas thing. But I felt it was important to let you know….there will not be Chriskindlemarket in Naperville this year.  After a three-year stint in Naperville, Christkindlmarket will not be returning to Naper Settlement this year, the Naperville Heritage Society announced Thursday.
The German holiday market has been held on the museum campus grounds north of downtown Naperville since 2016. Despite having a three-year contract with Naper
Settlement and the city, it will not be returning for the third year, German American Events said. Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico said he was aware Christkindlmarket representatives were not happy when requests for public dollars through the city’s Special Events and Cultural Amenities fund were not always granted by the City Council. He speculated German American Events officials may have been frustrated to
have their requests denied. “Because of the crowds they got and success of that
location, I felt that they should be able to have that event without coming to the city for money,” Chirico said. A $1 fee to enter the market could have generated a couple
thousand dollars, he said. Click here for Erin Hegerty’s full tribune article.



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