No Hitters Come And Go But This One Was More Than Perfect!

The weather is changing and it’s so nice to be able to get outside and enjoy activities without 6 layers of clothing on! Sports are back both participating and watching which gives us all a bit more latitude in our lives. Baseball is back both in the professional ranks and the amateur side and we’ve already had a no hitter this spring in MLB. Joe Musgrove no hit the Pirates last week for the first of it’s kind in San Diego history. He stuck out 10 and didn’t walk a batter. Max Scherzer and Nolan Ryan hold the record for most strikeouts in a no hitter with 17. 17 out of 27 batters faced that is pretty dominant. Now I’ve played a lot of softball in my days and of course 16 inch softball is the game here in Chicago, but before I came to town I played several years of church ball in Cleveland and that was 12 inch fast pitch. Lemme tell ya there are pitchers that can do things with a softball you can’t even imagine and they can make you look pretty silly standing there with a bat in your hands. I was a decent hitter, but there were pitchers you just didn’t want to face. My point to all of this is there was another no hitter that happened over the weekend and it was a perfect game. No walks, no errors and of course no hits, but there was something else too! Softball is generally played in 7 inning games and this particular game was more than perfect it was un-hitable. Pitcher Hope Trautwein of the University of North Texas made history on Sunday by pitching a game more than perfect. Through all seven innings, she struck out every single one of the 21 batters she faced from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. 21 up 21 down all strikeouts! 

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