Those crazy Aussies.  Not only do they walk around upside down all the time and eat Vegemite, but some of their traffic law enforcement might be slightly on the extreme side.

I’m against distracted driving as much as, or maybe more than, the next guy.  I love the hands free phone in my car.  And I actually do save texts until later, or at least until a red light.  And I do realize that eating in the car can be something you have to watch out for.  I was eating a cheeseburger once and mustard or something fell on my shirt and while I was looking at it, I rear-ended the guy in front of me.  How embarrassing.

But down in Australia, a guy was ticketed and fined for drinking bottled water while driving!  The temperature was about 39 (or 100 as we say in the States) and his car’s A/C was broken, so he had grabbed a bottle of water for the drive.  He got pulled over and slapped with a fine of $173!

That might be a little too strict for my taste.  Next thing you know, they could ban listening to the radio or talking to someone sitting next to you in the car.  Cars will become just little pods that only fit one person and have no accessories.  They’ll just run you from point A to point B, period.

I’m all for tough distracted driving laws, but Hell’s Bells, our mates down under may need to loosen up just a bit!