No Snuggling With Your Backyard Poultry!

I am currently not a pet owner, but over the years I have had several dogs and my kids had hamsters. I love animals and have always had a good rapport with my animals as well as my friends pets. Animals like me! Maybe it’s my Scandinavian heritage, oh wait no, that’s that roll in the snow thing isn’t it! Polar bears and all, well anyway I’m good and I get how people can be affectionate with their pets, but sometimes it does get a little silly, right!! You’re visiting a friend and their dog comes up and they give it a big kiss on the lips and then then dog looks at you! Arg! Cats are especially affectionate (when they wanna be), but I saw this piece today and it made me step back for a mo! The title of the article is: “Don’t Kiss Your Chickens, The CDC Says In A Salmonelle Warning”. Really….kissing your chickens!! Here’s the first few lines of the piece: “As egg prices soared and pandemic isolation grew, many Americans moved from co-op to coop and became chicken owners. But people with chickens in their backyards should think twice about giving them a peck. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning people to refrain from snuggling with backyard poultry, citing concerns that the chickens may be spreading salmonella.” They had me at “snuggling with backyard poultry”. I’m good!

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