No Spell Check At The National Spelling Bee!! But There Was Some Record Breaking Dribbling!!

So how’s your spelling? I know…What!! Today we have Spell Check on almost everything and I have to say most times it’s a real helpful. But there are those times when you’re trying to make a point or be humorous that it keeps changing your word to something proper. I remember back in grade school when we had spelling tests and studying for this was me and my Mom or Dad going over and over and over the list! Arg!!! Like I said, today we have spell check, but there still is the National Spelling Bee which just happens to have taken place last night. Zaila Avant-garde won the 2021 Scripps National Spelling Bee  and made history by becoming the first African American contestant to win in 93 editions of the competition, but that’s not all she does!


Spelling Bee Champ Is Not Just A Student But Also A Guinness World Record Holder. Click Here: