No, You Don’t Add An “S” To Make Pączki Plural

While we stuff our faces full of fried dough today, there’s one thing you should keep in mind, especially if you plan to share your experience with your  followers on social media.

Remember…the word “paczki” is already plural!

That’s right! Saying “I ate, like, a dozen paczkis today and now I feel like I’m gonna die” may very well be accurate, it is not grammatically correct, at least in Polish. You need to drop the S.

Not that you would ever eat just one, but in the rare case it happens, one Polish donut is called a paczek. That is pronounced poanch-eck

The same goes for another one of my favorite homeland delicacies: pierogi! That is also already plural! If you happened to find yourself in the unenviable situation where you can only eat one, you are eating just one “pierog.”

Im więcej wiesz!