The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released it’s national outlook for the months of December, January and February, and it looks lik ewe are in for a cool wet winter!

Here in the ‘burbs, NOAA says our temperatures are likely to be around normal — which is normally PRETTY DANG COLD! The organiztion also sais it’s likely that we will see a bit more precipitation (snow.) than normal.

“NOAA’s timely and accurate seasonal outlooks and short-term forecasts are the result of improved satellite observations, more detailed computer forecast modeling, and expanding supercomputing capacity,” said Neil Jacobs, Ph.D., acting NOAA administrator. “From expansive and multi-hazard winter storms to narrow but intense lake effect snow, NOAA will provide the necessary information to keep communities safe.”

Selfishly, I hope we get some more snow! First, I’m working from home for the most part, so I don’t need to deal with the driving for the most part. And B, I got a snowblower for the first time in my life last year – a year that had BARELY ANY SNOW! I’m excited to use that machine!

About NOAA’s seasonal outlooks

NOAA’s seasonal outlooks provide the likelihood that temperatures and total precipitation amounts will be above-, near- or below-average, and how drought conditions are favored to change. The outlook does not project seasonal snowfall accumulations; snow forecasts are generally not predictable more than a week in advance.

Seasonal outlooks help communities prepare for what is likely to come in the months ahead and minimize weather’s impacts on lives and livelihoods. Empowering people with actionable forecasts and winter weather safety tips is key to NOAA’s effort to build a more Weather-Ready Nation.

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center updates the three-month outlook each month. The next update will be available November 19, 2020.