A story about the worst airports in the country is circulating around social media. The article is from The Points Guy, who specializes in giving advice on how to maximize the amount of airline points  you earn and other air travel related tips.

According to this guy, Midways is at the bottom of the list because:

Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW) only has one lounge — a USO center — and a relatively bare-bones smattering of restaurants and other services despite a $75 million renovation. It’s also a place you shouldn’t expect a flight to go out on time — only Boston Logan (BOS) and the New York City hubs do worse — and is not all that convenient to downtown Chicago for an airport that’s actually within the city.

OK, if you are one of the relatively few people who live downtown, sure, Midway isn’t the most convenient. But as a suburbanite, it’s WAY better than O’Hare! Parking is easier and it’s not as big so getting around is quicker. When given the choice to fly out of Midway or O’Hare, I ALWAYS chose Midway. 100% of the time and it’s not even close.

And lounges!? Really?! That’s one of the most important factors?! I, and I assume most of you, have never stepped foot into an airport lounge. Maybe I’ve been flying incorrectly this whole time?!

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t need my airports to be shopping malls with fancy restaurants. As a matter of fact, my goal is to spend the LEAST amount of time at an airport as possible, so I don’t care if there are 5-star restaurants around every corner. Midway has enough bars/restaurants to feed you if your flight is delayed, which admittedly happens a lot, and bars to grab a beer from on a layover. That’s all I need!

In case you’re wondering, O’Hare came in 30th on the list of the worst 50. San Diego came in first.

So, for me: Midway > O’Hare.