Now Hear This! Traveling? Be Prepared To Stay Awhile!

The coronavirus seems to dominate almost everything these days. The growing numbers, the spread from state to state, the younger age groups now being affected by it and helping move it around. I find the use of phrases like “you’re being played” when talking about COVID-19 or “it’s a hoax” or “it will all disappear after the November election” to be silly and not realistic. Come on people, really. Look at the worldwide affect of this thing! This virus is so contagious that places around the world that seemed to have handled it successfully are now seeing spikes and new raising numbers. Social distancing, wearing a mask and the hope of an early vaccine are what our hopes are pinned on right now! I saw this piece I’m sharing today about how many states have quarantine or travel restrictions. It’s pretty daunting!

Travel Restrictions and Quarantines.