Now It’s Live Christmas Trees That Are In Short Supply.

So here we are 26 days till Christmas and I’m hearing the disturbing news that real, live Christmas trees are already in short supply. Call me old fashioned or traditional, but I’ve always been a live tree guy. I usually don’t get my tree until the second weekend in December around the 15th, but this year I’m heading out this coming weekend in search of that just right tree. It seems that the pandemic has done it again and live trees are in demand because so many are staying home and folks are looking for something special to help spark their holidays and ya can’t really decorate a stack all that extra TP you bought now can ya! I probably shouldn’t use the term spark when referring to live trees, but I guess you catch my drift. It’s Cyber Monday and I’m sure you can find real, live trees on line too, but that’s just not the real experience I’m looking for. I’m in the hunt so keep your Christmas merry!!

Live Tree Shortage This Year.