Now No Santa For Christmas.

The pandemic has changed so much and crushed so many folks in the past 7 months. The deaths are staggering, the closures are alarming, the job losses are overwhelming, the financial strain is unmanageable, the isolation is depressing, the cancellations are disheartening, the lack of high school football is appalling, the immediate outlook is very dim and now it’s not looking good for Santa this Christmas either. Mall Santa’s, those who make appearances at company and community Christmas functions and all Santa’s everywhere could all be out in the cold this year due to COVID. Explain that to a kid who still believes!! Man, let us up we’ve had enough!! Next will be be no turkey for Thanksgiving because it heightens your chances being more vulnerable because you’re tired after enjoying some holiday bird. Foods rich in tryptophan include, you guessed it, turkey. That’s really not an issue and not true, but I thought I’d throw it in because everything these days seems so ridiculous!! No Santa at Christmas however is an issue!

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