NOW That’s What I Call 90s Alternative Rock: A Nostalgic, Hilarious Dive

Ah, the 90s—a time when flannel shirts were the pinnacle of fashion, the internet sounded like a fax machine having a meltdown, and alternative rock ruled the airwaves. Enter “NOW That’s What I Call 90s Alternative Rock,” an installment in the beloved American compilation album series, “NOW That’s What I Call Music!” This album is like a musical time capsule, filled with the angsty anthems and grungy guitar riffs that defined a generation. But who was on it, why did it matter, and how do we feel looking back? Buckle up, because we’re about to take a hilariously nostalgic journey.


Who Was On It?

This compilation is a veritable who’s who of 90s alternative rock legends. Imagine the coolest high school reunion ever, but instead of awkward small talk, there’s just non-stop bangers. You’ve got Nirvana, the ultimate grunge gods who made flannel cool and gave us all permission to look perpetually disheveled. Pearl Jam is there too, with Eddie Vedder’s voice so deep it could probably summon whales. Then there’s Red Hot Chili Peppers, who managed to make socks an acceptable form of outerwear.

And let’s not forget about Smashing Pumpkins, who proved that melancholy could indeed be infinite, and Soundgarden, whose frontman Chris Cornell had a voice so powerful it could probably shatter glass (or at least your eardrums). Weezer’s nerd rock charm and Green Day’s punk rock energy round out this epic roster, making this album a must-have for any 90s kid—or anyone who wishes they were one.

Why Did It Matter?

Why did this album matter? Oh, let us count the ways. First, it captured the essence of a decade that was as eclectic as it was iconic. The 90s were a time of cultural revolution, and alternative rock was the soundtrack. It was the era of slacker chic, of rejecting the mainstream, and of music that spoke to the disillusioned youth.

This album mattered because it brought together the biggest names in alternative rock, offering a one-stop-shop for all your 90s angst needs. It was like the ultimate mixtape, meticulously crafted by the universe to ensure maximum coolness. Plus, it was a gateway drug to discovering more about these artists and their full discographies. You’d buy the album for Nirvana and end up falling in love with Bush or Stone Temple Pilots along the way.

How Do We Feel Looking Back?

Looking back, we feel a mix of nostalgia and amusement. Nostalgia because these songs were the backdrop to some of the most formative years of our lives. They remind us of a time when MTV actually played music videos and when making a mixtape for someone was the height of romance.

But there’s also amusement, because let’s face it, some of the fashion choices and music videos from that era were downright hilarious. Remember the video for “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden? It’s like a fever dream of creepy, distorted faces and melting Barbie dolls. Or the inexplicable trend of wearing Doc Martens with literally everything? Good times.

In hindsight, we also appreciate just how influential these bands were. They didn’t just create music; they created movements. They inspired legions of fans to pick up guitars, to start bands, and to express themselves in ways they never thought possible. And that’s pretty rad.

So, here’s to “NOW That’s What I Call 90s Alternative Rock”—a compilation that not only defined a decade but also gave us some of the best damn music ever made. It’s a nostalgic trip that’s equal parts hilarious and heartwarming, much like the 90s themselves. Rock on!

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