Now What Do We Do?

So today is the 13th of December which means there are 12 days left til Christmas. Not the traditional 12 days of Christmas which actually begins on Christmas day and goes through January 5th. No matter, if you made an early Christmas wish today for a Bears victory your wish came true. My question to you is what do we do now? The Bears started the season a questionable but positive 5-1 and have lost 6 games in a row until today. Now they’ve come back against a less than good Houston team and dominated 36-7. The offense, the defense and special teams all looked top shelf and they are still in the conversation for the playoffs. So do we go all in and start believing they can do it or do we keep our heads and wait and see or are you simply done for the season? They have a game against Minnesota next week. The Vikings and the Bears are tied with equal records of 6-7  but the Vikings won the first meeting 19-13 on November 13th. The Bears then face Jacksonville 2 days after Christmas and the season finale here at home against the Packers January 3rd. They need to win all 3 remaining games and need some help, but there is still hope! I know it’s a stretch, but this year hasn’t given us much hope about anything until the vaccine was OK’d yesterday so what the hell. So I’m in….maybe not all in, but what else we got??