Now is the time, my friend, to tap that tree!

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own maple syrup, you’re likely a huge nerd like me. Thankfully, there are other nerds out there too ready and willing to help us nerds nerd-out.

After doing a bit of research on when is the best time to tap a maple tree for sap to turn into syrup…it turns out, NOW is the time! When the air temps bounce between freezing and not-freezing, and the trees begin to prepare for Spring, they start to really push sap up into the higher reaches of the branches. That sap is flowing pretty good right now!

My own Google research can only go so far. Thankfully there is a class being put on by the Forest Preserve District of Kane County the first weekend of March that can answer all my questions and give us some hands on knowlege on how to make our own syrup!

They even have some syrup to sell if you don’t want to do the work and spend the money in an elaborate sugaring set up!

The program is set for March 4 and 5 at Creek Bend Nature Center in St. Charles. They are going to have tons of treats to drizzle syrup on, too…donuts, ice cream, you name it!

Get the family and get outside and get your sugar on!

Oh yeah, its completely free, so just check out the info in their social media post and GO!