NWS Confirms 11 Tornadoes During Monday’s Storms, Four In Our Listening Area

I’m trying to remember a storm quite like the one we had on Monday. One as large, with straight-line winds approaching 90mph, with as much wide-spread destruction and now a confirmed 11 tornadoes!

Using debris patter analysis, the National Weather Service has confirmed that of the 11 tornadoes in the Chicago metro, four were in our listening area including Yorkville-Plainfield, Ottawa, Wheaton and Lombard.

Here two of them mapped out…the Plainfield tornado sliding by less than a mile from my house!

I also think this makes it clear why so many people are still without power and ComEd is having to work so hard. The number of individual instances of damage and the immense area this storm covered make it a nightmare on the power grid. Give those folks time as they continue to work night and day to restore power!

I have to commend the meteorologist who accurately predicted this event! I actually left the office early on Monday to get home and prepare for the storm. I’m glad I did too, as I had just finished clearing my patio before almost being knocked over by the first gust of wind.

Be weather ready, folks! Stay safe!