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Officer Plays Barry White, Lets Couple Make-Out In Cop Car

A Florida police officer tried to make placing an amorous couple under arrest a little less stressful. Unfortunately, it got him in lots of trouble.

Fort Myers Police Officer Doug McNeal nabbed Zachery Moellendick and Krista Leigh for shoplifting. He didn’t cuff them or put on their seat belts for their ride to the station. Instead, he let the couple make-out in the backseat of his patrol car, even providing some mood music by putting on Barry White’s “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love.”

At one point, Moellendick was allowed to smoke a cigarette. Cameras in the car captured the encounter, which led police brass to slap McNeal with a 20-day suspension.

What do you think the best make out song is? Let me know in the comments below!

Danielle Tufano

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