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Oh.My.God! The ‘Friends’ Reunion Is Here

Today is the day I’ve been looking forward to ever since Emma Gellar was born… THE FRIENDS REUNION IS HERE!

To celebrate, here are a few Friends statistics, courtesy of Plenty of Fish‘s dating/Friends survey… which you can find HERE.

Some highlights…

-According to 60% of surveyed Plenty of Fish members the answer is no, Ross did not cheat! (Although, 44% of women believe he did cheat vs. 36% of men)

-Ross and Rachel weren’t on the same page with what it means to be on a break and it turns out that today’s singles aren’t either: 38% say it means open relationship while figuring things out. 33% say it means still together/monogamous. 29% say it means broken up/can date and hook up with others

-39% of singles have been on a break with their significant other/spouse

-Gen Z is 2x more interested to know if Ross and Rachel were truly on a break compared to any other generation

-43% think Monica and Chandler would thrive in quarantine. That may also have to do with Monica’s delicious baking – 57% predict Monica would be most likely to get into the banana bread and sourdough baking trend

-47% think Monica would be most likely to hoard toilet paper

– A quarter (26%) think Rachel would be most likely to buy a Peloton

-49% say that Phoebe would be most likely to adopt a pet

-Less than 6% would want to be stuck with Ross (the last selection), whose paleontology rambles might interrupt your latest binge-watch

-58% say of all the ‘Friends’ couples, Ross and Rachel would fight the most in quarantine

-It’s no surprise that Chandler is the most popular with today’s singles: 26% of singles would prefer to be stuck in quarantine with the witty-jokester (the #1 selection)

-Monica and Richard’s situation (breaking up with someone because you realize you want different things) is the series’ most relatable relationship moment at 34%. In fact, one-third of singles have dated “a Richard” – they didn’t want the same things in life

-The second most relatable relationship moment is Monica and Chandler’s situation (falling for a friend) at 32% and 53% of single have dated a friend.

-22% of singles say they’ve dated a friend’s sibling. 22% have dated “an Emily” – they were controlling and distrustful. 22% have dated “a Janice” – someone who was annoying and clingy. 74% of singles don’t think it’s a deal breaker if their friends don’t like the person they’re dating. One in five men (21%) have dated a roommate vs. only 8% of women

28% say that of the ‘Friends’ exes, Rachel should have been “The One” for Joey

-20% of men think that Janice should have been “The One” for Chandler

-36% of Gen Z believe that Emily should have been “The One” for Ross (WHAT?!)

-But at the end of the day, 45% of women believe that none of the ‘Friends’ exes should have been “The One”

-Over 57% say Joey’s phrase “how you doin’?” is the most iconic line from the series

-26% say the most iconic relationship moment is when Ross said “I, Ross, take thee Rachel” instead of Emily

-The moment when Monica and Chandler got engaged is Gen Z’s pick for the most iconic relationship moment on Friends (29%) – every other generation picked the “I, Ross, take thee Rachel” moment














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