Oil Going Up!

The price of things just continues to go up! I just got my second extremely high Nicor Gas bill. It’s almost twice what I was paying last winter. I called after receiving the first big bill last month and was told the price of natural gas has sky rocketed and that’s why my bill is so high. I try to keep my thermostat at around 68-70 when I’m home and down toward 60 when I’m not. I guess I’m glad we’re not Germany. They have stopped the flow of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia. A large source of natural gas for Germany. Speaking of gas as in petrol, oil looks to be headed toward $100 a barrel and that will mean at least $4 gas prices aren’t far behind. The Russian Ukraine situation isn’t going to help that any and now as we move toward Spring and more driving….well get ready!

Oils Prices Surging Toward $100 A Barrel.