OK It’s Election Day, So Let’s Talk Football!!

It’s election day and we hope you all voted. It is so important that you used your constitutional right, did your part and let your voice be heard! Imagine not having to see anymore of those political ads on TV from now on. The votes are in the ballot box ready to be counted, so let’s talk football. The Bears offense is nothing to write home about. Probably should be voted out!! The switch from Mitch Trubiski to Nick Foles has not given us the surge we had hoped for. The last two games against the Rams and the Saints have ended in losses and left us with less than an enthusiastic outlook. This week they face a top 10 ranked team (on the road) in the Tennessee Titans. It would seem the Bears have found a steady kicker (an issue over the past few years) in Cairo Santos, but can we please get the ball in the end zone for some touchdowns instead of giving him field goals to kick? As a fan with a small platform I’m venting and hoping things can turn around. I wonder if you are feeling the same way? There are some very impressive teams out there and we need to step up our game if we are to compete and get to the playoffs!

Here are the NFL Power Rankings for the week.