Old BlackBerry Phones Will Stop Working Tomorrow

We’re not sure who needs to hear this, buuuut….

If you’re still using an old BlackBerry, then you haven’t updated your phone in a while.  Now you’ll have to, because it’s the LAST day those old BlackBerry phones will work.  Starting tomorrow, old devices running BlackBerry’s own software won’t work anymore.  They originally announced it back in September 2020.

Some BlackBerries WILL still work, but only if they run on Android software.  The company switched to Android around 2016.  So if you bought your BlackBerry in the last five or six years, you’re probably okay…but I’d love to talk to you about your choices!

Starting tomorrow, devices older than that won’t be able to make calls, send texts, browse the Internet, or even call 9-1-1 anymore.

BlackBerry has been moving away from phones for a few years, and plans to just focus on software.