“Omigod You Guys”… are going to love The Paramount Theatre’s Legally Blonde!

From the second the curtain opened, I – Sam James – started grinning!  What a night of fun we had last night.  The Paramount Theatre’s production of Legally Blonde is fabulous.  A great cast, a great set and a fab musical that I wasn’t really familiar with until last night.  I actually have already made plans to go back and see it again – it was that much fun.   The choreography  (which is always my favorite) was brilliant, the music was super fun and upbeat and the singing was spot on.    They even have two of the best trained and gorgeous doggies you’ve ever seen.

Leads Casey Shuler (Elle Woods) and Gerald Caesar (Emmett Forrest) were both making their Paramount debuts.  Casey is a recent graduate from University of Kentucky’s Theatre program and Gerald was part of a national tour of The Lion King.  I really hope we get to see both of these truly likable  actors again as they were a pleasure to watch.  Sophie Grimm who is a local favorite played the hysterical Paulette brilliantly and a special shout out to James Doherty who played the best UPS man ever!   The humor is laugh out loud good.

I don’t want to spoil so many of the super fun surprises that the show has in store (most of which invoke huge laughs!), so I will stop here.  But I urge you all to “Bend and Snap” and race over to see The Paramount Theatre’s production of Legally Blonde!



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