Although 30 years ago most of us were still living lives where we picked up a phone to talk to someone or picked up a book for information, today marks a special moment in the history of the internet.  March 12 is the birthday of the World Wide Web and today it turns 30 years old.  (check out today’s Google doodle).   The web is actually 18 years younger than email and two years younger than the GIF.

So on this 30 year anniversary I thought we could talk about our favorite time wasters on the World Wide Web.   I know you instantly thought of cat videos or carpool karaoke … or GIF’s involving Taco’s maybe… but I have a slightly weird internet obsession that keeps me transfixed to my screen for many time wasting minutes.

I have given you a sample below…I literally can watch furniture turn into other furniture all day if it’s available.   I think these videos should be played in all doctor’s waiting areas… no one would complain about waiting … they are mesmerizing .




So on this the 30th anniversary of the biggest time waster ever … what is you go-to video’s (PG rated please!)