One Illinois City Makes the Top 10
Hey it’s Leslie Harris, and came out with its list of the 15 safest, and the 15 most dangerous cities with populations of over 100,000 people in the US. Last year, Naperville came in first place. The good news is that Naperville still makes the top 10, coming in at e#8 this year.
I was surprised to see two cities in the Indianapolis area in the top 10. Fishers, Indiana came in at number two and Carmel, Indiana came in at number 10. Five cities in California made the top 15.
The rankings are based on the crime cost per capita. For example, Thousand Oaks, California came in at number one with a crime cost per capita of just $241. Temecula California comes in at number 15 with a cost of $461 per capita.
The study also looked at the 15 safest large cities, with populations of over 300,000. Only two Midwestern cities made this list, Omaha Nebraska at 14 and Lexington Kentucky at 15.
So where do we rank on the list of the most dangerous cities? I don’t know, because neither Chicago nor Aurora, nor any city in Illinois or Indiana made the list of the 15 most dangerous cities in the US. The most dangerous city on that list is Birmingham Alabama where the crime cost per capita is over $11,000. St Louis is the third most dangerous, followed by Detroit at number 4, and Milwaukee at number 9 with a crime cost per capita of over $7,000.
With the constant reports of crime in Chicago, it often feels like it must be one of the most dangerous places in the world. While Chicago has some work to do, it’s nice to see that it’s not as bad off as the news would have us believe.