One man’s junk…

OK, that title came out wrong.  My point is that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!  Hmm, that wasn’t much better.

Anyway, this past week, Scott Mackay put out a blog post about really valuable old records, that people just might have sitting around in their basement or attic.  In the post, Scott lists the 50 most valuable records, either albums or singles — all vinyl of course.

So as I read the thing, I realized I actually have at least one of those 45’s!  Of course, mine is probably in terrible shape since you don’t think about keeping records pristine when you’re in high school.  You play ’em, you carry ’em around naked (the records, not you), without a thought to the fact that someday they might be worth hundreds or thousands!  The one I definitely have is the Queen single of Bohemian Rhapsody, but like I said, it’s probably nicely scratched.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still gonna look for it!

I also have Sgt.Pepper, but I was too dumb as a kid to have bought the original vinyl.  The vinyl could be worth over $123,000 now.  I bought it a few years ago on CD, which is probably worth about ten bucks.

So what makes a record worth so much to collectors?  Probably a combination of popularity and rarity.  I’m actually surprised that the yellow vinyl album and single of “We’re an American Band” didn’t make the list.  They probably came in a 51 and 52.

I do have some classics as you can see, but none of them are on the list.  Maybe I just need to hang onto them a little bit longer.  Plus I’ll probably start visiting more garage sales, and I’m definitely not getting rid of my Xena action figure.  Hey it’s not just records that can bring in the big bucks.